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Sky Laser Pro™

Sky Laser Pro™

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''I was blown away by how powerful it is. You can see it for miles.'' - Josh. L, USA

  • Super strong beam
  • 25 mile laser range
  • All day lasting battery
  • Lightweight & durable design

Designed specifically for the military.
Be sure to use this laser with caution.

Ever wondered what lasers the military use?

Well now you know. For the Uprise Military Grade laser, we had to receive special access from the Army to be able to supply them.

With it's 25 mile range, and it's super powerful beam, it's been a massive struggle to keep up with the global demand.

And with only a few boxes left, we are 100% certain we won't be able to restock due to Army guidelines. So get yours now!

Forget those weak, gadget shop lasers

Due to it's 25 mile power beam, the laser is capable of popping balloons, starting fires, and pranking people.

And with it's rechargeable design, you can use it all day, without running out of charge!

Military graded

That's right - this laser is no joke. It has been used in countless operations and tasks performed by the special forces.

''I've bought $300-$400 lasers in the past and it's crazy that this one is stronger than them all. I highly recommend it.''

- Chris. P, CA

Easy to operate

It's as easy as 1-2-3! Just insert the battery, lock the safety screw in place, and enjoy the strength of your new, military grade laser.

Attention: We are going viral on social media and have very few units left. Get your laser while stocks last.

How does the laser compare?

comparison between the Uprise Laser and normal gadget shop lasers

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