HomePal™ - Mini Home Protector

$49.95 $99.95

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✔︎ HomePal makes sure there's always someone home.
✔︎ Communicate with your home using live sound detection and built in speaker and microphone.
✔︎ Look after your loved ones and pets while you're away.
✔︎ Detects unusual activity, records it, and sends you a notification right away.
✔︎ Giving you the same security as expensive monthly home surveillance fees.

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THere's always someone home

Leave your house with confidence and without any worries. With HomePal, there's always someone home. HomePal lets you check what's going on at home, LIVE from your phone and giving you the option to move the camera around the house. (Works from anywhere, even halfway round the globe. If any suspicious movement is detected, HomePal will record the movement - broadcasting it to your phone while sending you a notification.


Move the camera from anywhere

Either you are 1 or 20,000 kilometres away, HomePal™ never disappoints. Just grab your phone and open the app and you can move the camera around in your house as you want. 


It lets you know if anything happens

HomePal™ lets you know when anything unusual happens in your house. If HomePal™ detects a motion in your home it sends you an alert with the footage to your phone, so you can immediately call the police. 



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